The Out Patient Department is located on 1st & 3rd Floor, Tower and 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Heritage Building. The Out Patient facility has 93 consultation rooms.

All is Well Multi-Speciality Hospital has adopted the cluster philosophy which means that each Speciality has its own dedicated cluster of examination rooms and requisite diagnostic services will be provided within these clusters to minimize patient movement and discomfort. e.g. Cardiology cluster will have 8 dedicated consultation rooms and ECG/ECHO/Stress Test on the same floor. Radiology department is also located in close vicinity to all the clusters, and all the images and results can be viewed online by the consultants on a real time basis, from anywhere.

Types of OPD:

All is Well Multi-Speciality Hospital offers following types of OPD consultations:

  • Regular OPD
  • Free OPD
  • Privilege OPD*

* The consultation charges for Privilege OPD will be confirmed by the consulting doctor.

For any queries on OPD services, please write to

Facilities available in OPD Cluster:

  • Pathological Sample Collection Room
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Requisite Diagnostic Services
  • Kiosk for appointment scheduling and information
  • Immunization Room
  • Treatment Rooms for dressing, minor procedures etc.
  • Wheelchair facility